Mindfulness/Mood tools

Breathing Pacers

Breathing is the body’s main tool to reset. Sit comfortably, and place one hand in the abdomen and one in the chest. Breathe in through your nose, and follow the pacer. Try to keep the hand on your chest as still as possible.

Try one of our pacers to help you focus on your breathing:

Simple Pacer (Click here to see it in a separate screen):

See the Pen Breathe_green_ by Maria Bruce (@mbruce_) on CodePen.

Visualization Pacer (Click here to see it in a separate screen):

Try doing breathing exercises while looking at a phrase that inspires you, an image that calms you, or a picture that puts you in a good mood. Upload directly from your own computer or device.

See the Pen Upload image Preview2_green by Maria Bruce (@mbruce_) on CodePen.

Guided meditation and relaxation audios:

Visual stress relief and sleeping Meditation videos:

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