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These luxury tiny homes are cooler than houses three times their size! 🏡😱

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These pets will make you CRY laughing! 😂 😂

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Patsy SachtlebenOh, I loved that. That orange kitty sitting back with the back legs open just chillin' reminded me of Patches when...where was she - not the groomers...was she at the vet for something? Anyway, I remember her in back of the cage sittin' just like that, lookn' at you like "what"? Good animals of all species...sooo good. Aren't they wonderful!

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Wendy KeeferCourtney Engelke Neeka Hanks Wilson

17 hours ago

Neeka Hanks WilsonRonnie Wilson Patsy Sachtleben 😍😂

13 hours ago

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15 times people realised their grandparents were cooler than them:

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This is why I love Great Danes 👌🏽

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If you're bored of regular hotels, book your next stay at one of these places instead.